Central Library

The Central Library
  • The library is the main support hub for information, learning and meets the needs of the Institute’s teaching, research and consultancy programs. The library has the following objectives:
  • To support learning process of students in various academic programs through provision of knowledge and information.
  • To meet the knowledge / information needs of the faculty and support their teaching, research and other academic activities.
  • To respond effectively to other knowledge / information needs of faculty and students.
  • The Library has various sections such as circulation section, reference section, reading hall, internet section, photocopy section and technical section. Is also has a very large collection of CD’s on engineering.
  • The Library provides a peaceful environment for reading newspapers, magazines, journals, periodicals for studying and reference.

Number Of Books In B.Ed. :- 3384

Number Of Books In D.El.Ed. :- 1380

Covid-19 Pandemic Has Hampered Purchase Of New Books Etc. In Last Quarter.

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