N.C.T.E. Guideline & Data

Website  of Amrianandmai College was on  the net for the last Six years and  was being updated from time to time but now it has been refurbished in compliance of Public Notice Reference No. NRC/NCTE/WEBSITE/2021/213986 Dated 28/ APRIL/2021

The information with regard to the following shall also be made on the website namely:

(a) Sanctioned programmes along with annual intake in the Institution.

(i) Click Here More Details — B.Ed.

Sr. No.CoursesSubjectYear of StartingSanctioned Intake
1. B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) Education 2015 100 

(ii) Click Here For More Details – D.El.Ed.

D.El.Ed – Other Details

Sr. No.CoursesSubjectYear of StartingSanctioned Intake
1.D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education )Education201750
(b) Name of the faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualifications, scale of pay and photograph

(iii) Other Non Teaching Staff List

(c) Name of faculty members who left or joined during the last quarter

(d)Names of the students admitted during the current session along with qualification, percentage of marks in qualifying examination and in the entrance test, if any , date of admission and such other information:

(i) B.Ed. Students Details

  • Click here  to view B.Ed. 2020-22 academic year students list.
  • Click Here to view B.Ed. 2019-21 academic year students list.
  • Click here  to view B.Ed. 2018-20 academic year students list.

(ii) D.El.Ed. Students Details

  • Click Here to view D.El.Ed 2019-21 academic year students list.
  • Click here  to view D.El.Ed 2018-20 academic year students list.
  • Click Here to view D.El.Ed 2017-19 academic year students list.

(e) Fee charged from the students

(i) BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (B.ED.) Fees:51250 in first year and 30000 in second year

(ii) Diploma In Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) Fees: 41000 per year

(f) Available infrastructural facilities

(i) Our Infrastructure

(g) Facilities added during the last quarter

(i) 20KW Solar Power Grid

(h) Number of books in the library, referred journals subscribed to and additions if any in the last quarter.

(i) The Central Library

(i) The institution shall be free to post additional relevant information, if it so desires.

(i) Our Management Committee (ii) Mandatory Documents

(j) Any false or incomplete information on its website shall render the institution liable for withdrawal of recognition.
8(6): The copy of the affidavit shall be displayed by the institution on its official website. In case, the contents of the affidavit are found to be incorrect or false, the society or trust or the institution concerned shall be liable for civil and criminal action under the relevant provision of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant laws and shall also be liable for withdrawal of recognition by the Regional Committee concerned.

(i )Mandatory Documents

10(3) Financial Details

2.  Balance Sheet 2020-21 ————————————————————————————- Download
3.  Income And Expenditure 2020-21 —————————————————————– Download
4.  Receipt And Payment 2020-21 ——————————————————————— Download

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